Bergamo: Walking tour along the Venetian town wall

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Category: art history culture suggested
  • Le Mura
  • Porta San Giacomo
  • San Michele al Pozzo Bianco
  • Porta Sant’Agostino


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Starting from Colle Aperto, we immediately arrive at Porta S. Alessandro, one of the four gates of the Venetian town wall that, with its 5,2 km, encircles the Upper Town. It was not only a defensive enclosure but a proper fortification system with underground spaces partly still visible. Towards south-west, we arrive at the S. Grata platform. The church of S. Maria al Pozzo Bianco which shelters the chapel painted in 1525 by Lorenzo Lotto with the “Stories of the Virgin Mary”, is another attraction on our walk along the town wall, as well as the church of S. Agostino whose ceiling is decorated with precious painted terracotto tiles from the end of the 15th century. Porta S. Agostino, another gate, built in 1575 encloses the church and the adjacent monastery with its ‘tenaille’ bulwark and offers a breathtaking view on the Lower Town reaching as far as the silhouette of the surrounding Prealps.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Meeting point: Colle Aperto