Bergamo: S. Giovanni XXIII

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Category: religion
  • Seminario vescovile Giovanni XXIII
  • Aula della Curia
  • Biblioteca civica Angelo Mai
  • Duomo


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Bergamo: Guided visits in the Upper Town to the places where Pope John was active

Pope John, today S. Giovanni XXIII, started his life as Angelo Giovanni Roncalli in his native village of Sotto-il-Monte from where he moved to Bergamo: first as a scholar and later as a teacher of church history, patristics, apologetics and theology at the Bishop’s seminary today named after him, as well as the headmaster of the local students’ home. He frequently attended and celebrated Mass in the Basilica of S.M.Maggiore, was known as a hard-working student at the town’s civic library Angelo Mai and is venerated today in the town’s Cathedral where the chapel dedicated to him preserves two shrines containing relics as well as personal objects and the coffin in cypress wood in which he had rested from the time of his death until 2000, the year of the exhumation of his body and his beatification.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Meeting place: Colle Aperto