Province: Crespi Village, UNESCO world heritage

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Category: special itineraries
  • La fabbrica
  • I capannoni a shed
  • La chiesa
  • Il cimitero
  • La villetta dei dirigenti


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An interesting itinerary along the right-angled streets of the workers’ village flanked by different types of buildings that were arranged in perfect order according to an organic plan that was primarily based on functional and social aspects. There you will still feel the atmosphere of the past and encounter evidence of a historico-social reality that was characterized by the social differentiation between workers, employees, leading personnel and the owner’s family. The itinerary is even more inspiring thanks to the dense woodland that surrounds the village where the two rivers Adda and Brembo silently flow towards their junction at the exit of the workers’ village.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Meeting place: Parish church of Crespi d’Adda