Special Itineraries

There is a number of famous personages connected with Bergamo like Bartolomeo Colleoni, the Commander, Pope John XXIII, Giacomo Manzù, Lorenzo Lotto (though not from Bergamo but famous for having created some of his masterpieces here). The guided visits of this section are intended to make the acquaintance of these personages.

Tematici Pala nella chiesa di S. Spirito

Lorenzo Lotto in Bergamo

The itinerary which is dedicated to the Venetian artist who lived in Bergamo between 1513 and 1525, starts in the Basilica of S.M.Maggiore in the Upper Town, where you can admire the marquetries covering the iconostasis and the choir stalls (upon request), realized in the cours […]

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La fabbrica

Province: Crespi Village, UNESCO world heritage

An interesting itinerary along the right-angled streets of the workers’ village flanked by different types of buildings that were arranged in perfect order according to an organic plan that was primarily based on functional and social aspects […]

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Rotonda di San Tomé

Province: The Romanesque churches of Almenno S. Bartolomeo and Almenno S. Salvatore

Bergamo and its province claim various examples of Romanesque architecture and painting: in the territory, the most interesting examples are the churches of Almenno S. Salvatore and Almenno S. Bartolomeo, situated at the entrance of the Imagna Valley […]

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Guided visit to the places in the Upper Town connected with the personage of Bartolomeo Colleoni

Bartolomeo Colleoni (1395 – 1475) was one of the most important Italian military commanders of the 15th century. For about 20 years, he was the commander-in-chief of the Venetian troups at the service of the Serenissima which ruled Bergamo since 1428. A visit to discover the Renaissance buildings and the places in the Upper Town renewed during the Venetian government, in order to discover the undertakings and achievements of civic and sacred […]

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