Who we are

The Group has about 40 members who do their job with competence and enthusiasm. Our members regularly deepen and update their knowledge through studies, conferences, research work and seminars. Thanks to many years of experience, our Group carries out its activities in the Town as well as in the Province. By means of guided visits, our Group promotes the knowledge of the territory. Our members are legally authorized as guides by the Region of Lombardy and the Province of Bergamo.

Our offer:

  • Security and legality: the members of our Group are qualified by the Region of Lombardy and the Province of Bergamo to exert the profession of tourist guide, in conformity with the Regional Law n. 65 of 1986.
  • Reliability, first-class professional competence acquired thanks to specific preparation and to over 20 years of experience in the field.
  • Guided visits in various languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch.
  • Special itineraries in the territory of Bergamo with a view to tourism, culture and nature.
  • Didactic itineraries for schools including visual documentation; itineraries prepared for schools on the basis of special subjects, in line with school programs.
  • Alternative itineraries prepared especially for tourists with physical handicaps.
  • Guided visits to art exhibitions and special events organized in Bergamo and in its Province.
  • Reception and assistance of tourists for the transfer to and from the airport.