Info & FAQ

How to book a guided tour with us

On our site under  CONTACT US, you find a form to be filled. You can also send an email to, or book by telephone : +39 328 6123502, and Whatsapp.

Come funziona una visita

  • What is the best meeting place with the guide?

    The meeting place will be defined together according to the place and time of arrival, and the transportation.

  • How long does a half-day tour take?

    A half-day tour takes about 2,00 hours.

  • How long does a full-day tour take?

    A full-day tour takes about 5,00 hours, excluding lunch break.

  • Are there entrance tickets to be paid?

    There are no entrance costs for the classic visit of the historic center, except for the entrance to the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and other sites, where tickets are instead provided.

    It will be the secretariat, provided that your request has been analyzed, which will indicate the summons.

  • Are there public toilets?

    There are public toilets both in Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa.

  • Rates for our tours

    For HD guided tour starting from Euro 100.00 up to 145.00

    For guided tour FD starting from 200.00 up to 245.00

How to bergamo alta (the upper town)

  • By public transport

    You can reach Bergamo Alta taking  ATB bus: linea 1 ora linea 3. You can also go up by funicolar

  • Other transportations

    The entrance is allowed only for transports which height don’t exceed 3,50 mt.

  • Restrictions

    During particular days of the week there are some access restrictions to Bergamo Alta, for info: please press here.

    NB: Exceptions are made for rented vehicles, taxi, and small busses (height not exceeding 3,50 mt).