Guided tour to the main works of art of the Accademia Carrara

Guided tour to the main works of art of the Accademia Carrara, one of the main art-galleries of Italy. It was founded by Count Giacomo Carrara (1714-1796) a learned connoisseur and collector of works of art who, when he died, donated his sumptuous collection to his native town.

During the following years, the collection was enriched by additional donations. It holds outstanding masterpieces of art: works by Sandro Botticelli (“Our Saviour”; “Portrait of Giuliano de’ Medici”; “Story of Virginia Romana”), Raffaello (“Portrait of S. Sebastiano “ in full length), Tiziano (“Virgin with child”; “Orfeo e Euridice”), Giovanni Bellini, Vincenzo Foppa, Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna, and by artists who were active in Bergamo like Lorenzo Lotto, Giovan Battista Moroni, Fra Galgario, Piccio. The neoclassical building of the Accademia Carrara was erected between 1808-1813 by the architect Simone Elia.


Duration: 2,5 hours

Meeting point: Piazza Giacomo Carrara, Lower Town

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