The places of Bartolomeo Colleoni

Bergamo: Guided visit to the places in the Upper Town connected with the personage of Bartolomeo Colleoni

Bartolomeo Colleoni (1395 – 1475) was one of the most important Italian military commanders of the 15th century. For about 20 years, he was the commander-in-chief of the Venetian troups at the service of the Serenissima which ruled Bergamo since 1428. A visit to discover the Renaissance buildings and the places in the Upper Town renewed during the Venetian government, in order to discover the undertakings and achievements of civic and sacred character owing to Bartolomeo Colleoni: Luogo Pio Colleoni, an institution which granted subsidies to legitimate but moneyless girls from Bergamo to help them make an honourable marriage, and the funeral chapel built by Giovanni Antonio Amadeo as a resting place for Colleoni’s beloved daughter Medea, which conceals the mystery of the discovery of his own body.

Duration: Full day

Meeting point: Colle Aperto – Upper Town

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